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January 09, 2012


This is like reading my life, after I broke up with kate I went through all of this, we had got to the point after 2years that hey maybe we should have children, and for sometime afterwards although I didn't say to anyone, but I did think WHAT IF, even though in my life I subscribe to the teachings from my family & Buddhism " That Nothing is Permanent & Things Change " , and after Kate I had met a couple of others who I thought wow and turned out all they wanted or liked was my money I guess at least in the end they was honest with me... So these days I am caution but OPEN cause I believe someone May come into my life this lifetime.....

I am totally loving your blogs, cause when you write it like triggers something I hadn't thought about.

@hugo Thanks for sharing your story. You are right, life is sporadic and we can't predict what is going to be for us. And someone will come into your life. Doesn't matter what form, shape or time it is, treasure it. Because when it happens, it's wonderful!

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