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October 17, 2010


today at on my lunch hour i ran to the grocery store. there was a much older woman who didn't dress "well" and didn't appear to have too many teeth, generally she looked like she didn't have much money...and yet her eyes sparkled. when our eyes met my heart instantly sang. the easiest way to describe it was that she smiled and laughed with her eyes...pure joy and contentment. i was overcome with the strongest urge to hug her. considering most people would frown upon total strangers throwing their arms around them i refrained, but honestly, it wasn't easy.
i'm a hugger. love, protection and trust, indeed!

I hope you can learn to enjoy the powerful nature of human touch. Hugs are healing, accepting, and loving -- I can't live without them.

Love the 'toon from Dave! And am sending lots of hugs.

I'm not much of a hugger if I don't know you, well, unless I've been drinking, but I do hug the people I care about a lot. Thanks to this, I'm going to do more of it starting today!

I think I need more hugs in my life. Good hugs, not half-assed hugs. Half-assed hugs are as bad as weak hand shakes.

Here's a hug from me!

Thanks for all the hugs, guys and gals. It means a lot.

Here is another hug! :)

I love hugs too! It's comforting and it gives strength through difficult times.

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