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August 12, 2008


Hi Humph. I had the same thoughts about how the two girls felt about that incident. These games are a huge event for China and it seems like the government there has pulled out all the stops to present a picture to the world. But they are finding out that we care more about what they did in order to create the picture. Incidents like this girl-switch are just back-firing on them in a big way.

On the other hand, I watched some of the BBC coverage of the opening ceremony and I was annoyed by how many negative comments were thrown in - it seemed like nothing could be appreciated without a negative comment being added. It felt like bad manners. I was embarrassed to be witnessing such prejudice.

Interesting times....

I couldn't agree with more about the negative comments and prejudice. Regardless of how China is like politically, the event committee still did an amazing job with the opening ceremony, one that should classfied as the most memorable moment of 2008, if not the Olympic history.

I honestly wish the game a huge success and that there are no reasons for the nation not to be happy and proud of themselves - it is a once in a life time thing afterall, and nobody should take that away from them. I just wish that happiness is not an expense of some innocent citizens, but I guess I'm pretty naive to think that way as well.

I am sure China was not the only country who has to face some difficult decisions when it comes to hosting the Olympic Game. Vancouver is hosting the Winter Olympic in 2 years, and there are constant media coverage regarding on some of our homeless problems. I will get to witness some of these in first hand. I am sure you will as well as London is hosting in four years. :D

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